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Actived: Thursday Jan 21, 2021

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Charting the Course to a Single Security - Urban Institute

higher, they are cheaper by $0.25. faster in the higher coupons. This convergence has, Nonetheless, Freddie Mac securities have historically traded at a significant discount to Fannie Mae securities, as shown in figures 1 and 2. The spreads in the most frequently traded coupons, the 3.5s and 4.0s, have ranged anywhere from half a

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Declines in Food Stamp and Welfare Participation

between reforms designed to move families into work and off the case assistance rolls and drops in FSP participation. This paper uses the 1997 National Survey of America’s Families (NSAF) to explore recent declines in FSP participation for families with children. The NSAF is a large, nationally-representative sample of nonelderly families.

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ICPSR 3927 NationalSurveyofAmerica's Families(NSAF),1999

stay off welfare? Description: This variable designates whether any member of the social family received emergency assistance payments last year. Emergency assistance was defined by the interviewer as a one-time cash payment from the government in an emergency or to allow the recipient to stay off welfare. Frequencies LabelValue Unwgt Cnt Unwgt %

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Are policy failures behind the opioid epidemic? | Urban

Twenty years after OxyContin first hit the market, the United States is in the midst of one of the worst drug overdose epidemics in our history.Abuse of opioid drugs and heroin continues to soar.The issue has forced its way to the top of the political agenda in critical primary states, most notably New Hampshire, where at least 385 people died of overdoses in 2015.

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Improving the Upward Mobility of Low-Skill Workers: The

Middle managers are getting laid off and lower level workers expected to work more independently. This is usually initiated by the advisor, not the student, but the program offers incentives, such as coupons, to encourage students to keep in touch. A form is sent to the employer after 30 days, another at about three months, and a final form

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ICPSR 4581 NationalSurveyofAmerica's Families(NSAF),1997

government in an emergency or to allow the recipient to stay off welfare. Frequencies LabelValue Unwgt Cnt Unwgt %.I 41,626 92.95 1 306 0.68Yes 2 2,849 6.36No Variable Name: JFOSTERF Type: N Length: 3 Label: Anyone in soc fam rcvd foster care pymnt Question Num: J8 Question Text: [In 1996, did anybody receive] foster care payments?

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Income Support and Social Services for Low-Income People

The state reports describe the safety net and health care programs in place for low-income people on the eve of welfare reform. The reports also analyze the particular circumstances that are shaping the state's response to the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA). The state reports are based on case studies in the respective state.

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Welfare Reform: An Analysis of the Issues

Critics of the welfare system claim that the system does not provide sufficient state flexibility, does not encourage work, contributes to the breakdown of the family, and has done little to reduce poverty. This report examines the truth of these propositions and assesses the ability of a variety of proposals designed to deal with the complaints.

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