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As of today: $0.00 has been claimed by haters. (I'll update the dollar amount the minute it changes). To those who complain about bloggers killing your deals, I've got a $100 opportunity for you to prove that your deal was killed by one of those evil deal-killing bloggers.

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List Of Free/Cheap Food (from referral and signup bonuses)

GrubHub ($7 off $15 order) Click here (or use code: GRAFF7032816F9Z4WJ) to get $7 off a $15 order. The beautiful thing about this is that it works on “pick up” orders, so you can avoid delivery fees. I put in my current address, click “pick up”, sort by distance, pick some good food, and make it come out to $15 before tax/tip.

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Best Hotel Booking Site Rewards Program - Travel is Free

If this is what it reads, that’s basically 50% off any hotel up $100-$200 hotels. It’s basically a 100% refund (up to $100-$200) that can only be used on hotels. I have tried getting the coupons from the OTA then using it and filing another BRG to get another $50 coupon, and it didn’t work.

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Analyzing Best Uses of the Daily Getaways Deals

35% off Expedia hotels if you commit to $650, sounds like a good deal but I’m slightly concerned about the coupon system. By using an Expedia coupon, I’m now not able to use other coupons? And since there are often huge coupons, it might not actually be a 35% savings. The other thing is that some of the terms and conditions weren’t clear

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How To Get Non-Points Hotels For Free

Say you BRGed a $50 hotel and then got a $50 Expedia coupon because of it. That’s not 100% off, that’s 100% back, which is very different. It’s more like 50% off. However, it starts to drop below 50% and continues to drop if you can get more coupons in the process of using the coupons.

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[9 Ways] How To Travel For Free

Earlier there was a “promotion code” on Orbitz that gave $100 off a stay of $100 or more. Well Carrie and I booked multiple back to back reservations at $100 a night hotels in the center of Old Town Prague and other great destinations in Europe. I think the most we paid for a hotel, with those coupons, was like $13. Really, it’s everywhere.

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Best List of Hotel Best Rate Guarantees

Since I first made this list of Best Rate Guarantees in Sept 2013 a lot has changed! Orbitz and Expedia dropped their $50 coupons (which many of us probably abused) and IHG got rid of their free nights. But redoing the list, I was surprised to see just how many awesome deals still exist. Simply find a […]

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Why Travel Hacking is Better Than Extreme Couponing

When double coupon week rolled around at the local Harris Teeter I may have printed off a ton of few coupons. The similarities are actually striking in that, for example, they are both legal and by-the-rules kind of techniques that few people take full advantage of. The companies let us do it because we give free press and they make money on

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Stop Acting So Entitled! For All Of Our Sake

Another good example is the Expedia $100/150/200 coupons good for 3/4/5 nights. By the time I got to it they had already invalidated the codes, but had the T&C page up which their CSR had me email a link to. Based on that she reissued another Help Desk $200 coupon for my res which meant I only paid taxes.

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Choice Hotel Rewards - Travel is Free

First off you earn 10 points per dollar at most hotels, and then 5 points per dollar at their cheapest Econo Lodge type hotels. So now you’re earning 5 – 10 points per dollar, let’s try to stack up a little more earning. Refer a friend = 500 points.

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Free Travel From Timeshare Presentations

Finally, we said out thank you and good-byes and we hauled off to another room where some other guy asked if $4000 was a better price….. (How does the price go from $19,000-$4,000?) After, all of that was done, we were given a $200 Visa Pre-Paid debit card and a coupon booklet that included an entire weeks stay for free along with free

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