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Actived: Sunday Jan 17, 2021


Are Text Coupons in Violation of the Telephone Consumer

What Are Text Coupons? Many companies send coupons via text or advertisements to consumers in order to solicit them into doing business with the retailer. These texts may contain information about upcoming sales, offers for free shipping, or coupon codes for a percentage off a purchase.

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Is It Legal to Send Coupons by Text? | Top Class Actions

Common text coupons include offers for special pricing or free shipping. These coupons may appear to be personalized to offer deals that will appeal to the recipient but are almost always sent by automatic systems that send pre-written messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.

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Checkers Text Coupons Class Action Settlement Delayed Due

A federal judge in Illinois delayed final approval of a class action settlement for a lawsuit alleging TCPA violations for Checkers text coupons, determining that the notice to the Class was deficient by reaching less than 1% of the Class Members.. The case was commenced in 2017 by lead plaintiff Madeline Yates against the fast-food restaurant and Vibes Media LLC, a mobile marketing company.

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Is Sales Tax Calculated Before or After Discounts? | Top

Walmart has already agreed to pay a $45 million settlement associated with another class action lawsuit against them because of alleged mischarging of coupons and sales tax.. Sales Tax and Coupon Use. According to these consumers frustrated over coupons and sales tax mismanagement, retailers must calculate sales tax based on the purchase price of the item in question.

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The Children's Place Discount Settlement Open For Claims

Class Members are eligible for The Children’s Place in-store coupons that will give them money off their next purchase. Those who file a claim have a choice between vouchers worth $6 off a purchase, or 25 percent off a purchase, valid for the first $100 of their purchase.

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Pizza Hut Accused of Sending Unsolicited Coupons by Text

Around Jan. 21, 2020, one text message advertised 50 percent off pizzas and included a link to a Pizza Hut website. The text message was meant to promote Pizza Hut’s products and to sell their products to the recipients of the text message. Coupons by Text Message Sent En Masse

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How to Stop Receiving Clothing Store Coupons in Text

The TCPA and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) make it illegal for companies to use autodialers to send text messages unless the consumer has first given express consent to receive the message (though there’s an exemption if the message is due to an emergency). Indeed, since 2013, the FCC has required businesses to get a consumer’s written and signed consent prior to sending them

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Hobby Lobby Class Action Claims Coupons are Misleading

Since the chest was marked “always 30% off,” Browning asserts that she thought the coupon would give her 40 percent off the “sale” price of $202.99. However, the coupon gave her 40 percent off the “regular” price of $289.99, in essence giving her only 10 percent off the price at which the item is typically sold.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Food & Groceries - No Coupons

A smart shopper already knows to look out for deals and coupons. But what about tips for everyday savings on food and groceries that go beyond this standard advice? Well, put down the scissors and keep reading — these tips will make you a whole lot savvier. Here are five ways to save money on food and groceries without clipping coupons. 1.

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Menards Class Action Alleges Deceptive Rebate Program

I went to the 15% Off Bag Sale at Menards and got three 10 ounce bottles of Splash dry gas, priced at $1.29 each. The discount brought that to $1.10 each. It wasn’t until I got home and was putting them away with some older bottles I’d bought at Menards just over one month ago that I saw the price back then was 99 cents each.

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