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Personal Finance, Investing, and Frugal Living. I am writing now after a long break and this post is going to be a little fragmented – first, I will tell you why my blogging slowed down; then, I will provide a summary of how Stretch A Dime did in 2017 and lastly, how I performed against the goals I had set for myself in 2017.

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Drug Store Bargains | Stretch A Dime

In case of Walgreens, I only paid for 3 boxes (15.99 x 3 = $47.97, since I got a BOGO promotion). I combined the Walgreens’ BOGO, promotion code, and free shipping and purchased 9 months worth of my dietary supplement and saved $36.77.Instead of spending ~$83 at Target, I spent ~$46 at Walgreens, and saved ~$37.

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Passive Income Dividend Investing | Stretch A Dime

If one of my dividend earning stocks went up by more than 10% within a year, then I would sell off a part of my holdings to take profits. This was working pretty well. I was earning a good chunk in dividends and I was also taking profits. I thought I was pretty well diversified across all the sectors. All was well, and then, suddenly, Oil Crashed!

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The Apollo Box | Stretch A Dime

If you use the coupon code HAPPYMOM, you get $15 off on any purchase over $50 between 05/01 and 05/08. You may find something unique and trendy at a reasonable price for your mom. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Tags : cool gifts, trendy unique gifts. 8 thoughts on “The Apollo Box”

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Do Your Own Taxes | Stretch A Dime

For state, you could file the return for $19 if you use coupon code SAVE24. E.Smart tax by Liberty Tax – if you are filing just a 1040EZ, then federal return can be electronically filed for free. For state, you could file the return for $31.95. Get 30% off Liberty Tax Filing. Just click through this link to!

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Editor's Picks | Stretch A Dime

When you shop online, Piggy helps you find coupons automatically from the stores it has partnered with and then apply them on your purchase. Once your item ships, you will earn the cash back into your Piggy account. Piggy then mails the check to you 4 times a year – once per quarter. I have it installed in my browser. Honey is a browser

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Passive Income Archives | Page 3 of 3 | Stretch A Dime

There are several ways to earn passive income. In my opinion, out of all the methods that I have ventured into to earn passive income, dividend investing has by far been the easiest way. I just could not emphasize this enough. You own a bond for its coupons and a stock for its dividends. I am not talking about trading, I

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Do Your Own Taxes Archives | Stretch A Dime

This post contains affiliate links / ads. See disclosure policy. We are just a few days away from the deadline to file our tax returns. If you haven't filed your tax return, you better hurry or file for an extension. I have been doing my own taxes for over 15+ years now. It is not as scary as it sounds - it is fairly easy

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Stretch A Dime

I have an iPhone 5S that is about 32 months old. Recently, I thought my phone is old and it doesn’t need the protective case and foolishly took it off. It was going in and out of my pocket easier and felt great in my hand until Otter (my 5 yr old kiddo) took it. […] The post cellsavers – My Cell Phone Repair Experience appeared first on

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Do You Have A Gift List? | Stretch A Dime

This post contains affiliate links / ads. See disclosure policy. Eighteen days to Black Friday, forty eight days to Christmas, and fifty four days to end of 2016. What you do in the next 54 calendar days will have a profound impact on 2017. This is the time when spending normally goes out of control and most people go badly into credit card

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