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Happy New Year to the three of you - here's to 2021 being a much better year for us travellers! May we all get out and see more, eat more, drink more - may we be healthier and stronger - and may that little blessing in your arms get bigger and smarter and start running around and drive you crazier (is that possible?) - missed you the last few months - nice to see your smiling faces again!

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20 Proven Ways to Get Cheap Drinks & Free Alcohol on Cruises

Many cruise lines have a specialty “drink of the day” which will usually save you $1-$3 off the regular price. An additional bonus to the daily drink specials is that you may even get a souvenir cup which can entail even further discounts when getting a refill. The drink of the day is usually outlined in the daily cruise newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use this coupon code to save $30 off your first stay. What did you do with all of your stuff? We’ve sold or donated most of it and are storing a few boxes with a family member (thanks Mom!) This has been a long-term five-year plan, so even though we’re married in our 30’s with a decent income, we’ve strategically been putting off all

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Best Hotel Booking Sites: A Review of Where To Find The

But we only suggest using a coupon code if it is at least 10%-off or higher. does NOT allow you to earn a Rewards credit when using a coupon. So if a 5% coupon is the best available promotion at the time (often it is), then it is better to not take the coupon and instead receive your Reward credit (which is

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50 Best Cruise Hacks 2020: Tips to Save Money, WiFi

It all totaled about $700 of value. And that was on top of a highly-discounted off-season cruise deal listed at $500/pp. So it was almost like they were paying us to take this off-season cruise! We essentially cruise hacked our way into an almost-free two-week Caribbean cruise. And that’s what booking during the off-season is all about!

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16 Fun Ideas Travel-Lovers Can Still Do from Home Right Now

That’s 75% off!) Better yet, snag the coupon code 70MH50 to get the (larger) 11 x 14 hardcover book for $69.99 now $21! That’s a $48.99 coupon! We love the photo books. But you can also create all sorts of other things from your travel photos. Make canvas prints to decorate your home from a favorite trip.

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Cumberland Island: Travel Tips & Info for GA’s Best Day Trip

Keep off the dunes: Cumberland Island’s dunes are a very fragile environment. In an effort to help protect the sand dunes, be sure to stay on the trails. It may be tempting to trek atop a dune to follow a wild horse or for a good photo opportunity. Best to refrain.

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About Roaming Around the World

Before setting off on this grand adventure, we led fairly normal lives back in the US. We worked long hours and made the most of our weekends. I worked doing geeky things in the field of Marketing Intelligence. Heather spent her days in Human Resources hiring and firing people. But that was all about to change. How We Afford a Life of Travel

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