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Are Bleisure Trips Becoming More Common? This Study Says Yes

(3 days ago) This is the case even when you need to submit a paper voucher that directly bills your company. Book Your Bleisure Trip With Your Company Travel Portal.

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'Bleisure' trips are how this avid globetrotter travels

(6 days ago) Travelling Is a part of me, a part of my life’s journey. Pre-Covid-19, I travelled almost 200 days out of a year. My travelling is both for business and leisure. Each trip takes at least four ...

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Bleisure travel: the new way to work and play

(3 days ago) A recent report for Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) showed that younger travellers are most likely to blur their business and leisure trips, with 15 per cent of those aged 20 to 25 adding a Saturday ...

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(5 days ago)bleisure travel › Booze Cruise › Business Tourism › Business Travel › Commuting › Creative Trip › Cruising › Cultural Travel › Day Trip ... Travel Voucher Army Ets Submit A Travel Voucher Travel Voucher Codes Travel Voucher For Sale Travel Voucher Ebay. Recently Searched.

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Bleisure: A Twist on Traditional Business Travel

(18 days ago) Bleisure, the marriage between business travel and leisure travel has become a buzzword in the hospitality industry in the past decade. Considering the increasing popularity of this twist on business trips, it might just be about time to think about appealing to this market segment.

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Bleisure travel in 2019 - a rising trend | by Holiday Extras

(3 days ago) bleisure travels help employees work more efficiently because they can work as they relax; The employees can save the money they would have spent on vacations and holidays. If you take yourself for vacation, you will have to pay for an extra hotel stay, food, and travel expenses. In bleisure travel, the organization incurs all those costs.

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'Bleisure' travel data shows 75% extend their business trips

(1 months ago) Research shows the wave of bleisure travel shows no signs of slowing down as more people continue to embrace the trend of combining business trips with leisure activities.

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What is Bleisure Travel? | Maritur

(7 days ago) bleisure travel is hardly a niche phenomenon, and most employers have at least heard of the concept. If you have vacation or personal time available, most bosses are happy to let you add a couple of days onto the trip to take in the local sights, or to visit signature attractions.

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‘Bleisure’ trend continuing, survey shows – Business Traveller

(4 days ago) SAP Concur stats from 2017 show that Millennials took 38 per cent of bleisure trips – not far off Gen X and the boomers, who took 31 per cent each. Tags: bleisure , Business travel ...

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Bleisure Travel Policy | American Express Global Business ...

(4 days ago) There are multiple reasons why so many travel managers and HR directors are leading the charge to adopt guidelines on “bleisure” travel — a rising phenomenon in which business travelers tack on leisure days to their business trip. For starters, it’s a convenient way for business travelers to offset some of their personal travel costs.

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Coupon Ideas For Kids Rewards - Top Types Of Voucher

(1 days ago) Coupon Ideas For Kids Rewards - Top Types Of Voucher. 60% off (2 days ago) coupon ideas for kids rewards - Top Types Of Voucher. 60% off (2 days ago) coupon ideas for kids rewards - 07/2020. 60% off (25 days ago) coupon ideas for kids rewards Overview. coupon ideas for kids rewards can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 24 active results. You can get the best discount of up to 60% off.

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Bleisure Travel | Travelocity

(3 days ago) Extending business trips with days of leisure = bleisure travel. Next time you’re out of town for a conference or meeting, tack on some extra me-time. Do a little sightseeing, check out a museum, enjoy the local culture—here are our best bleisure travel tips. And, you can also save on your hotel.

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How to Create a Bleisure Travel Policy - : Abacus

(3 days ago) According to, 43% of business trips turn into bleisure trips. Travel website Skift reports that 72% of business travelers have added leisure days to business trips in the past—almost half with a significant other—and 78% of travelers say that doing so makes the business component of the trip more rewarding.

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Bleisure travel: Mixing business with pleasure | CNN Travel

(4 days ago) Marian Thier agrees there's more to bleisure travel than simply ticking off a few tourist attractions. In fact, her clients often foot the bill for her to arrive a day or two early, so that she ...

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Bleisure travel: The benefits of mixing business travel ...

(2 days ago) bleisure travel benefits all parties, so offer incentives to bring along a partner or stay longer - by creating targeted extended stay offers, for example. The BridgeStreet report shows that the top three bleisure activities include sightseeing, dining and local cultural experiences. By providing a wide range of additional choices to business ...

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Bleisure: The rise of the millennial business traveler ...

(4 days ago) Bleisure has even inspired a clothing line in the form of Par en Par, a resort-wear brand that’s designed to easily take you from conference room to urban exploration.

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What Is Bleisure? - InsideHook

(13 days ago) bleisure travel is an interesting brand of travel: it leans heavily on convenience, instead of aspiration. The philosophy is predicated on creating a vacation out of thin air, and accepting that it might be experienced in a worsted wool suit, rather than a bathing suit. It’s a way of seeing some local art, tasting some local grub and knocking ...

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Travel trend small hotels should watch — Bleisure - The ...

(1 months ago) bleisure travel has surged over the last couple of years, and shows no signs of slowing down as we approach 2018. This recent trend sees travellers combining business trips with leisure time, as employees and business owners look to make the most of their time in the city. The standard for business travel is changing.

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Bleisure Travel: How to Capitalize on Business Travelers ...

(5 days ago) According to the report by Expedia and Luth research, bleisure travelers travel a lot: 32 percent of them take business trips once or twice a month, and 38 percent travels for work once every 2-3 months. Respondents of the GBTA research said they take nearly seven work trips per year.

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Here are the top destinations for bleisure travel

(4 days ago) As corporate travel booms across the Asia-Pacific, the concept of bleisure is gaining traction, spurring the region’s cities to better integrate opportunities for leisure amid busy business ...

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3 tips for businesses embracing employee bleisure travel ...

(9 days ago) A combination of “business” and “leisure,” bleisure travel is when an employee extends his or her business trip for leisure purposes. A study commissioned by Expedia Group Media Solutions found that bleisure travel is booming. More than 60 percent of business trips taken last year were extended for leisure purposes.

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The Bleisure Travel Trend Isn’t Going Away: How to ...

(4 days ago) Making the top 2019 travel lists in Travel + Leisure, CNN Travel and others, Houston is an emerging destination that has also seen a rise in the bleisure travel trend. Visit Houston’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Services John Solis explains that planners considering bringing their event to Houston are scoping out the location for ...

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Bleisure travel - Wikipedia

(9 months ago) bleisure travel (UK /ˈbleʒ.əʳ/ US /ˈbliː.ʒɚ/) is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”, and, it refers to “the activity of combining business travel with leisure time”.. The term bleisure was first published in 2009 by the Future Laboratory as part of their biannual Trend Briefing written by writer Jacob Strand, then a future forecaster working for The Future Laboratory ...

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Bleisure is Booming – Is Your DMO Embracing The Latest ...

(3 days ago) THIS is bleisure travel – the increasingly popular travel trend that mixes business travel with leisure. bleisure travelers are taking cities by storm and spending big bucks along the way. And the trend is predicted to continue to grow in 2017 and beyond. According to a 2014 BridgeStreet Global Hospitality report, 60% of travelers reported ...

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Why "Bleisure" Travel Is the Latest Trend |

(24 days ago) For many, the solution is “bleisure travel,” a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure” -- and an increasingly popular way to travel. According to Visa’s 2015 Global Travel Intentions Study , which surveyed the travel habits of over 13,000-plus travelers worldwide, 16 percent of travelers combined business and leisure on their most ...

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Bleisure Travel Explained: How to Enjoy Every Second of ...

(4 days ago) "Bleisure" travel—a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”—is a growing segment of the travel industry. With Internet access nigh on ubiquitous the world over, employees are taking a page from their digital nomad brethren by finding ways to mix a little fun into their work trips.

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The problem with bleisure travel - Work, travel, enjoy

(2 months ago) The problem with bleisure travel “Bleisure”, or mixing leisure time with business, is on the rise. But blurring the lines has both positive and negative consequences. Food for thought. For years it was thought that technology would make business travel obsolete.

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Bleisure - a new travel category to crack | PhocusWire

(22 days ago) Travel Associates estimates that 20%-30% of the trips they are booking would be classified as bleisure travel. Meanwhile, FCM Travel Solutions, a global travel management consultancy, provides leisure extension offers as part of its services for business travel. Travel agents are beginning to run events for staff to highlight leisure extensions ...

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3 tips for businesses embracing employee bleisure travel ...

(5 months ago) Create a bleisure travel policy. Offer bonuses or perks in the form of travel. Ease bleisure pain points. Related: 5 off-grid productivity methods to kickstart your new year 1. Create a bleisure travel policy. bleisure travelers split expenses on multiple credit cards. They use one for all of the business expenses and then a personal card for ...

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Marketing your hotel to "bleisure" travelers | Pegasus

(1 months ago) According to Hotwire’s 2014 American Travel Behavior Survey, 49 percent of Americans who travel for business tack leisure time onto a work trip.. This new breed of “bleisure traveler” wants more than free Wi-Fi and meeting spaces during their hotel stay. They want to see local attractions, catch a live show, or head out to a fancy restaurant.

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(3 days ago) 11 April 2018 , — Sydney. Regional bleisure travel trends study results. bleisure travel, adding a leisure portion of travel to a business trip, is becoming a popular way to make the most out of business travel, with 68% of business travellers globally taking at least one bleisure trip per year 1.. To further explore the impacts of this trend on the Australasia region, International SOS and ...

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New Expedia report explores rise of “bleisure” travelers ...

(23 days ago) Bleisure trips resulted in an extension of a hotel stay from two nights to, sometimes, more than six nights. Business travelers who are interested in bleisure travel research book their trips much faster than their business-only or leisure-only counterparts, mostly because of time constraints.

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Top 10 Bleisure Travel Destinations - Blog

(22 days ago) These days, people aren’t just traveling for business. Bleisure (business travel and leisure travel in one trip) has become all the rage. In fact, according to our “Unpacking bleisure traveler Trends” study, since 2016, there’s been a 40 percent increase in bleisure travel. And since you’ll be criss-crossing the country at some point for work […]

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BUSINESS TRAVEL - Travel Consulting Hub

(26 days ago) We develop corporate travel planning services for business travelers and can help you reduce travel costs in your company. Whether you need a private jet to fly for a business meeting in Shanghai, organize a conference in Dubai or simply manage all your employees travel needs, our custom corporate travel planning services will deliver the ...

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The Rise of Bleisure Travel and How to Make the Most of it

(3 days ago) bleisure travel presents a new, lucrative and growing market segment for the leisure industry. In this article, we look at what bleisure is and what characterizes this segment. We also present the most effective ways to reach bleisure travelers so you can capitalize on this new trend.

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Bleisure Travels - Home | Facebook

(3 months ago) Send us your bleisure travel story for a chance to be featured on our Social Media and Website. It's all FREE! Join the Bleisure Revolution by sending us a message for details. bleisure travels. January 22 · Concern is growing over the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus, which has killed at least nine people in China. In addition a case has been ...

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Are 'Bleisure' Trips the Latest Employer Incentive? | www ...

(6 days ago) Regardless of age, bleisure travel continues to grow: 60 percent of BridgeStreet respondents were more likely to take a bleisure trip now than they were five years ago, and 94 percent state they do so to gain cultural experiences and to explore the cities they travel to on business.

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What's a Bleisure Traveler and How Can You Support Them ...

(21 days ago) The bleisure travel trend is interesting because it mixes two different types of travel. Business travelers require different amenities and services and the same goes for leisure travelers. But, due to the sheer size of the travel market, adding a few days to the beginning or end of trip might have a significant impact on your property.

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Bleisure Travel - combining business and leisure travel ...

(27 days ago) bleisure travel also increases life satisfaction and creates a better feeling of work-life balance. bleisure travel makes business trips interesting and reduces stress. There are many benefits to bleisure travel, but there are some disadvantages. For a balanced view, let’s consider these below.

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Singapore hacks together some clever travel apps ...

(1 months ago) Many solutions began to emerge as developers coded long into the early hours. As time went on, a variety of projects surfaced, including projects around inspiration shopping, AR/VR, chatbots, Chrome extensions, travel disruption and bleisure travel. Forward-looking solutions that address true painpoints are important for two reasons.

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Hotel subscription service Safara offers “bleisure ...

(1 months ago) The philosophy of “bleisure” travel. Safara works on the premise that business travelers are traveling more and are more likely to extend business trips into vacations — a phenomenon known as “bleisure” travel. Points can be used either to secure free travel or to score free room upgrades.

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Business Travel Leisure Time = Bleisure Travel!

(1 months ago) Moreover, according to Travel Weekly site, "For travel agents, bleisure offers an opportunity to tap into a traveler who generally spends more and books more products than people who take strictly leisure trips, according to the Consumer Trends report.

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Bleisure Travel: Learn to mix Work and Play | Skyscanner US

(2 months ago) bleisure travel is a buzzword for travelers, particularly millennials keen on achieving a work/life balance. Some quick and simple planning can help turn an inconvenient business trip into a fuller travel experience. Roll a short vacation into a business trip and you can save money.

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Why it’s Time to Embrace Bleisure Travel - Fox World Travel

(1 months ago) bleisure travel is on the rise. Today, more than ever, corporate travelers want to combine their business trip with a leisure travel experience by bringing along friends or family and extending their stay. Here’s how the bleisure trend can benefit both companies and employees.

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Bleisure May Be Key to Preserving Business Travelers' Home ...

(2 months ago) Business Travel Is Tough on Employees’ Home Lives: Bleisure Can Help: New research has important info for employers who want to make sure their travelers stick around and don’t come to resent ...

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Bleisure Travel - How to Travel on Your Employer's Dime

(4 days ago) bleisure travel is a growing trend in business travel, probably because traveling somewhere for work and only seeing the airport and a conference room is soul crushing. Here’s how to tack personal travel onto a business trip without getting fired.

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Bleisure Travel Is The Way To Making The Most Out Of ...

(1 months ago) bleisure travel, the blending of business and leisure travel, is one avenue companies are exploring to recruit and retain top talent that is more sensitive to work-life balance than ever before.

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Bleisure Travelers are Hungry for Sunshine, Sightseeing ...

(2 years ago) In the U.S., bleisure travel conversion is consistent with the multi-national average of 60 percent, revealing a nearly 40 percent increase in American bleisure travel since 2016 1.

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How to Bleisure Travel Like a Boss | Western Union

(22 days ago) Business trips make up approximately 30% of annual travel, according to Bridgestreet Hospitality’s 2014 Report, causing people around the world to search for new ways to add a little pleasure to their otherwise mundane business excursions.The coined term is “bleisure” travel. Studies have shown that “bleisure” travel not only adds value to business trips but also promotes ...

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